Sunday, July 25, 2010

250 Finds

We knew that we were close to the 250 finds milestone so we set ourselves the goal of reaching this target.
 Looking at the geocache map we could see a lot of caches from one of our favourite cachers, Haksu10.
He is not only a cache hunter but a breeder of caches, and has bred some of the best caches in the area, if not the best, upon closer investigation we found that Haksu10 also had a pet cache on his ranch (Haksulandia), so armed with this knowledge we thought we should make this cache our 250th find, and at the same time try and meet with the Lord of the manor.
We got his phone number and sent him a text message laying out our plan, he replied by saying that he would be pleased to meet with us and would be in residence.
We have a function on our gps that alerts us when we are close to a cache or waypoint such as a parking place, it sets off a loud "ping" sound, it did not take us that long to find the needed caches to take us to 249 finds, just 1 away from our target.
Now we headed towards Haksulandia, nearing our target location our trusty gps let out the alert, but it did not just "ping" the once, in fact it would not stop going "ping", there were so many waypoints around that in the end we had to mute the gps.
There in the grounds of Haksulandia was the Lord of the manor, waiting to welcome us.
This is where the pressure was really on us, trying to find his pet cache, whilst the owner was following our every footstep.
He informed us that this cache has never had a single "did not find" logged on it, great just what we needed more pressure.
Then grazing in the shade we found his pet cache, and what a magnificent specimen it was. Mrs Geocacher logged the cache, and noted down all the travel bugs that were in residence, replenished our stock of silica gel bags from a large tub that is provided so that cachers are able to replace damp bags in other caches.
Then we went inside for refreshing coffee, biscuits and a chat with the Lord of the manor.
He showed us his collection of Geocoins and gave us a list of the tracking numbers so that we could log them, we also chatted about how new cachers are not being so accurate with terrain difficulty levels or coordinates (sometimes being up to 100 meters or 300ft away from the actual location), and how some are using unclean ice cream containers or margarine tubs.
We left feeling very pleased that we had made this our 250 finds milestone, and headed off to find a couple more to start us on our way to the next milestone.

Mr and Mrs Geocachers 250 Finds Geocoins

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mid-Summer (Juhannus)

Last weekend saw the mid-summer (juhannus) celebrations here in Finland, so like many people here in Finland we headed for the countryside, for us this means going to visit Geocaching mummy.
Well we had a really good time, going to sauna, grilling (indoors due to a bit of rain), and just relaxing.
Mrs Geocacher spent time with her mummy, while Mr Geocacher did some fishing (and fed the local mosquito's).
We did not stay the whole weekend because of getting home to the pets. So on the Saturday evening we headed off home. It was a nice evening so we thought we would hunt out a few caches on the way.
As it was the evening after mid-summer there was lots of dances going on, so we still had to be careful of muggles, well avoiding muggles and short showers of rain we managed to bag ourselves a nice batch of caches.
Below are just a few pictures from that evening, taken from or near cache locations.

 Taken near a cache location
 Yes we found a cache hiding near here
 This is one of the barn dances that was going on that evening, there is a cache close to this location. It is the oldest barn still hosting these dances in Finland, and has been hosting dances since 1949.
This was taken just after one of the short showers of rain, and yes it is at a cache location, plus I like this picture very much.
Well that is it for this post, but there will be more as we are both now on our summer holiday.
I also have some plans to write some kind of explanation about Geo-caching as a lot of people have been asking me about it, so if there is anything you wish to know or would like to read, now is the time to mention it in the comments below, and I will see if I can accommodate you or even answer your questions.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New look

I do have a new post to put up, but first I wanted to introduce you to the new look.
First off I have changed the blog name to that of our caching name.
Second I have changed the background and look.
I hope you all like the new changes.
So now that is out of the way it is back to normal posts, well as normal as you get from me  ;)

Saturday, June 5, 2010


It has been so long since I posted here, sorry for the delay but we have had so much going on that I just have not had much time.
There have been changes at work, leading to my working hours being changed, so I now do shift work and a lot of evening work.
We have moved to a newer apartment. We now have a much bigger balcony and our own private sauna in the apartment (pictures to follow at a later date).
Sadly our pets passed away at the start of the year, although we did not stay petless very long and now have two cute female pet rats (trying to teach them to find caches, but they are more interested in playing).
Before all this happened we did manage to take a short trip to England at the end of September and do a few of the local caches, we would like to thank the English cachers for some very good caches.

Yes, Mrs Geocacher still managed to find berries in England

"Erm, sorry are we suppose to be caching?
Well I thought I saw one run in here and hide"

Well not long after our return all the above happenings started, and added to that the winter arrived.
This is when we went into hibernation, with temperatures dropping to minus 21 degrees Celsius on most days  we put all our caching plans on hold, we had worked out some winter caches to do, but even those got passed over as it was far too cold for us.
Along with the freezing temperatures came the snow, and I for one have not seen this much snow in a long time.

Clearing the snow from the canteen roof
(isn't our uniform wonderful, at least it is warm)

Just a small pile of snow from the canteen roof

So finally around April the winter came to an end, and this is when we came out of hibernation.
Having moved about 6 miles (10 km) from where we were living in the city, to a suburb just outside, and an area we had not done any caching before, we thought we would use it to get our Geocaching eye back in focus, after all it would be a crime to not hunt the new caches on our own doorstep.
It did not take long for our Geocaching eye to zero in and we were soon able to log our first caches of the season. Sadly I did not have my camera with me so I do not have any pictures of that first hunting expedition.

Finally a really nice weekend arrived and we decided to visit Geocaching Mummy, plus work out a nice caching route to do on our way there. Whilst looking at potential caches for the route we came across one amusing log entry, it is in Finnish so here is the translation as best as I can do it, to set the scene for you here in Finland they have grill kiosks, they are kind of like roadside food caravans in England, but they are permanent constructions and are like small shops selling basic supplies, and they are not only on the roadside they are also in the towns as well.
So the log entry went something like this.

Cacher goes to search a cache but is unable to because of GeoMuggles NATSBOG.
Cacher sees a Grill Kiosk near the cache location and decides that he is hungry and will get something to eat.

Hungry Cacher to man behind the counter: "I would like a pizza please"
Man behind counter: "Don't have"
Hungry Cacher: "What do you mean? It says on the menu"
Man behind the counter: "Pizza maker gone shopping"
Hungry cacher: "Well a Kebab then"
Man behind the counter: "6 euros"
Hungry cacher: "but your sign says it is 4 euros"
Man behind the counter: "Yeah that's an add"
Hungry cacher: " OK and then 1 milk please"
Man behind the counter: "Don't have"
Hungry cacher: "but you do, I can see a 1 liter carton in your fridge"
Man behind the counter: "Don't have, thats empty"
So the Hungry cacher left without buying anything.

Any way we added this cache to our trip, but like the Hungry cacher we was unable to catch it as once again it was NATSBOG.
We had a lovely journey and logged every cache that we were able to search for, a few places were NATSBOG, but that was not surprising as it was a wonderfully hot sunny day.
We did however manage to log one cache that was on a bridge. "O wow a bridge cache, big deal" I hear you cry.
This concrete bridge is almost 100 years old and even had a battle fought on it during the Finnish civil war, these days not much traffic flows over the bridge as it has a 4T weight limit, and so a new bridge has been built close by.

The view across the bridge

View from one side of the bridge

View from the other side of the bridge, with the replacement bridge in the near distance

Our next adventure took place one evening.
Seeing as it was a nice evening and we did not have much to do we decided to go out and find a couple of caches that had managed to escape us in the past. The first that we headed for we had tried several times before and for one reason or another we had never been able to hunt it down, muggles, weather or some other thing getting in our way.
The cache was part of a series and this part was a puzzle cache, although we do not normally do puzzle caches this one was different as it is part of the series and the puzzle gets solved as you do the other parts, so a kind of multicache puzzle cache combo.
Here we was again back at the final location, would we this time bring and end to this most tricky of caches.
Arriving at the location we were once again faced with muggles, but they seemed to be preoccupied with their own activities, so the hunt was on.
Hunting high and low, ducking muggles and pretending we was taking photos of the scenery, we searched and searched, searching the same places several times over, when at long last the cry went up "FOUND IT", yes the cache had at last been hunted to it's hiding place and trapped.

Finally the cache is caught

So who was the lucky finder?

Yes Mrs Geocacher found it

Yes yes we get it, you found it clever girl, and not a berry in sight yet

The other caches that evening went the same way, although Mr Geocacher had his share of finds, this was the most pleasing having been such a tricky find.

Now we are gearing up for the rest of the summer, and Geocache command center is ready.
Hope you stayed awake through this rather long update, I will try and keep more up to date from here on in.