Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Puzzle Continues

Sorry for the long break in updating, changes at work have meant less time for hobbies.
So you want to know how it went? Did we find the final location for the puzzle cache?
Ok ok lets get on with the story.
Having captured the final Puzzle Coin we were able to extract the final coordinates we needed from it. We then released it back into the wild.
Once released we have noticed how these pieces have been moving very fast now that they are in more accessible caches.

Ok sorry back to the main story.

Entering the complete coordinates into the navigator we were now ready to hunt down the head quaters and finally log this cache as completed.
Excitedly we set out.
Soon arriving at the location, we parked the car and set off on foot, the navigator leading us to GZ quickly, we started the search.
After what seemed ages, but was in fact a few short minutes the shout went up and the cache had been caught.
We set about logging, only having to dive for cover as some Geo-muggle dog walkers had managed to somehow sneak close to us.
When replacing the cache we decided to leave the ingot at this location, a tempting little prize for the next hunters, and perhaps the start of their next adventure.

An old pier near the cache location

Of course Mr Geo-Cacher had to test it

Happy that we had finally completed this cache we set off on our next hunt.

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